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Welcome to my website The Tan Artist , where I would like to introduce you to new level of professional spray tan services in Dubai.  For many years, I am using the most advanced products and techniques available, in order to achieve for myself and my clients, an unnoticeable tan. The bronzing solution I apply is indeed more expensive than the usual brands in salons, but it is worth it. My work is loved by all the celebrities I work for, given the ultra natural and long lasting results provided. The tanning solutions are 100% organics, odorless, and composed of the brand new anti-orange technology. We can say it is risk-free to give it a try 

Over many years of practice, I developed a unique spray technique tailored to each client in order to provide the most natural and beautiful results. With more than 15 years of experience working with the most famous celebrities of the world such as Kim K, Maya Diab, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria B, Kelsey Wells, and many more, the results are guaranteed to be exceptional and natural. See below the different services offered. 



Spray tan DUbai


A golden medium-brown Mediterranean glow. Suitable for very-light to medium skin tones.
A deep dark brown color from the Carribean islands beaches. Recommended for skin tones from light to medium dark.
Innovative bronzing solution with long lasting and natural results, for a medium to dark brown skin finish in 1 to 3 hours only (as opposed to 8 -12 hours with a traditional tan solution)
Special techniques to cover vitiligo and improve skin appearance.


The fabulous alternative to sun exposure.

No more skin damages for a beautiful golden skin glow! Your celebrity Artist and beauty talent, working for the celebrities in Dubai, is coming to your home to spray your body “Kardashian-style” using the best solutions. After a few hours of magic, you skin is tanned as if you just came back from 2 weeks holidays at the beach! It is now possible. And on top of it, the products are 100% organic and vegan-friendly.

Sun exposure has been proven to be a dangerous option on the long term for your skin. The skin being the largest organ of the human being, it is time that we take good care of it and avoid complications due to sun exposure in the future. 

Good news, the professional services are now available at a very affordable prices for the public. Book your service from the comfort of your home, it makes a difference compared to services in salons, as you require some time to dry before getting dressed and wear shoes. At-home services in Dubai is the most recommended option. 

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      I met R. a few years ago and was impressed by her skin colour. One day, she mentioned that it wasn't her natural skin color. I always wanted this tan you get in south of France and she did it for me ! I always call her before travelling, I recommend you give it a try!

      Sarah S.


      She is using self tans for many years so she is definitely the best person to contact if you look for a spray tanner in Dubai! She comes at home twice a month to get this beautiful Kardashian skin glow 🙂 Thanks R 🙂


      A friend

      I can never get a tan if it is not done by R. ! I already have a tanned skin tone, but she can give it a golden look which I love for the Beach days. She knows a lot about skincare, she gives me the best advice and it works. The best !


      HR and beach lover

      I have cellulite on my legs, my skin is very fair so it shows a lot. Therefore, I started spray tan and I can assure you that it makes a huge difference. I call her 3 times a month now. I recommend R., she is professional, very kind and funny 🙂

      N. M.


      I live in Australia, where skin cancer awareness campaigns are popular. Everybody is using self tan. I struggled to find a professional tanning salon in Dubai while on holidays as it requires some skills. I tried many and found The Tan Artist! SO happy ! She really cares about the results you get after the application, which makes her special.

      Rana K.