The best tan for your next beach party

You are planning to attend a Beach party in Dubai this week-end and you already know that the bikini body competition will be pretty high as usual? Don’t worry, The Tan Artist has your back!

First of all, we’ve all noticed that the tan sets the tone of where do you stand in the competition ranking. Why? Because the tan hides your skin flaws babe ! Cellulite, scars, redness, bruises… all gone with your tan! So, for a chance to stand out, the darker, the better. Although, if you are like most of us and like the natural tan from the sun, you will probably have some sunburns on your nose and chest or notice some wrinkles appearing on your forehead. Your skin will also become a lil’ drier than it was if you are lucky :), and if your skin tone is very fair, you will just increase your probability to develop a melanoma. Does this competition worth to put your health at risk? Hell no!

Here’s what you will do to stand out from the competition:

Get a spray tan and make your skin glow with the most natural dark finish! We are using the best products in the market with the most advanced technologies anti-orange, no more bad smell and all ingredients are organic. There is no way your friends will notice whether your tan is natural or had been sprayed the day before!

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