Safe spray tan

Why choosing the Spray Tanning option? The exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun or a UV tanning bed increase your risk of developing skin cancer. And yes it is more common than you think ! Otherwise, they wouldn’t be currently working on a vaccine to protect the population from developing melanomas. So yes, Spray Tanning is the safe option.

How can a product tan your skin ?

The dihydroxyacetone or DHA, is the active ingredient present in spray tans, it is a glycerin derivative. When DHA is sprayed on your skin, it reacts and binds with the amino acids in the dead skin cells on the outermost layer of your skin, which gives that tan and gradually fades over time. Our skin sheds dead skin cells continuously, therefore the spray tanning results only last up to week. To maintain your tan, most people must visit your spray tan artist every few weeks (or use a fake tan at home. The Tan Artist recommends Vita Liberata as a self tanner. An organic brand with amazing results).

We all associate the healthy glow of a sun tan with health and vitality. We can also feel like the appearance of cellulite and body imperfections are reduced when we are tanned. All researches over the last few decades have shown that the healthy tan we get from the sun lead to wrinkling and even melanoma and cancer. Since many people equate a bronze glow with good health, the search for alternative tans is currently a very big business.

Spray tans VS Sunrays

The best spray tanning solutions are now organic

The good is that the professional Self tans and Spray Tanning are now all organic ! Which removes quite a lot of worries regarding the application of DHA on your skin. Extracted from fruits, the spray tan products also have the technology “anti-orange” technology (yes this is something a lot of you are worried!). It is also now completely odorless, and provide extra long results. Make sure you ask your salon which brand they are using for their spray tans. Because, yes, there are still many technicians that use lower quality solutions to be able to offer cheaper prices to their clients. The good products are indeed more expensive, but, it is worth it! Contact The Tan Artist in Dubai for more information about the process and whether you should trade your traditional Beach tan with a safer Spray tan at Home.


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