A unique natural Spray tan glow on Maya Diab

Spray tan artist dubai

The worldwide famous Lebanese pop-singer Maya Diab is a close friend of The Tan Artist. RB is dedicated to take care of her skin glow. Follow Maya’s instagram for incredible looks and Spray tan beauty inspiration @mayadiab.

Maya is choosing a very natural Spray tan body glow during her stays in Dubai, UAE. Moreover, The spray tan must be long lasting, and to suit her busy schedule RB is using a unique method that avoid the tan to patch. Consequently, her spray tan is then fading evenly day by day to remain as natural as possible.

The new Spray tan products RB is using combined with a tailored spray tan technique is a guarantee for absolute natural spray tan results. RB guarantees that nobody notices you are wearing a fake tan while on holidays in Dubai.

Maya is well known for her unparalleled beauty and world’s famous Designers are calling the Arabic personality for shooting collaboration. Check her instagram, and you will understand by yourself

Maya is one of the most famous and successful pop stars in the Gulf regions and Arab countries. She started her career in the music industry in 2001. She has collaborated with regional greats like Ziad Rahbani as well as international Rap and RnB artists like Jason Derulo and French Montana.

Spray tan by RB in February 2021 – The Tan Artist


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