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It’s no secret that many of us look better with a tan, and with more and more health concerns surrounding sun exposure, spray tans (also known as sunless tanning) are becoming the preferred method of achieving that sexy tan. The flawless glow you’ll achieve with a spray tan will give you confidence and help you look way hotter than buying a new outfit would.


There is an increasing incidence of skin cancer epidemiology around the world and in the MENA region, requiring efforts to raise awareness. As a sunless tan user and victim of the harmful effects of the sun and sunbeds exposure, I would like to share the information. That way, you can take the right decision when tanning, knowing all the facts about UV rays on your skin. The Skin Cancer Foundation warns that the radiation in a tanning bed can be more dangerous than the sun itself. More Americans will be told they have a form of skin cancer this year than any other form of cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. It is time to change your mind about tanning and choose a safe alternative: the spray tan.


Exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression, and skin cancer. Even people in their twenties, even people with a natural tanned color skin tone, everyone. UV rays are the same for everybody !

Is sun exposure safe for my health?

The changes in pigment that occur when skin is exposed to the sun are signs of damage, and can lead to wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and skin cancer. Now science shows us that sun protection is a vital aspect of skin care – but what if you still prefer the summery look of a tan?

What about the UV machines?

Indoor tanning increases the risk of skin cancer, augments the risk for sunburn, and accelerates photoaging.

What is the best alternative to UV light tanning?

An alternative to UV tanning is sunless tanning. Currently marketed sunless tanning agents include spray-on tans and sunless tanning lotions. People who solely rely on sunless tanning products exhibit better sun protection habits than those who tan indoors, those who utilize both indoor and sunless tanning products, and those who refrain from tanning.


Mole talk is a uae skin cancer awareness initiative run in joint partnership between the leading cancer specific charity in theUAE friends of cancer patients (FOCP) and nivea sun, and endorsed by the UAE ministry of health...

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