Your spray tan artist in Dubai

Spray tanner DubaiR. is one of the best spray tanner in the world and Dubai’s most known artist. She is, first of all, a multiple award-winning business talent, recognised in the MENA region for her successful business turnarounds. Passionate about entrepreneurship, she always loved makeup and shown interest in the skincare industry, and, therefore, decided to spend her free time off-work doing what she loves. She is a beach lover at heart and opened a couple of watersports businesses so she could spend her week-ends near the sea. That’s when she experienced the harmful effects of the sun on her skin. She started using self tans products and was amazed by the results. With time, she then became an advanced expert and learned innovative techniques from Hollywood celebrities spray tan artist to achieve the best and most natural tan results on herself as she never wanted people to know that she was using self tans.

We are going to explain why you can expect your tan to look fabulous with The Tan Artist. Firstly, RB has more than 15 years experience in spray tanning herself to achieve the most natural and unnoticeable results. She is using the same technique to all her clients, including the celebrities. You can expect no overspray, or drip on your tan. Secondly, she is using the most professional tan solutions on the market. As a famous spray tanner, she can’t afford to use any spray tan products. You can expect an odourless bronzing solution with long-lasting and non-patchy results. Furthermore, the solution is composed of an anti-orange technology.


Skin Cancer is the most common cancer. 2 people die every hour from it. Sunbathing being a very profitable business, the awareness campaigns are very few. “People must know the risks of tanning under the sun or under UV lights machines. If they only knew the harmful effects, they would stop tanning at the beach right now”. R. found out that spray tanning is the most amazing alternative to sunbathing for a beautiful tanned skin, without the harmful effect caused by the UV lights. It must be done using the right products and the right technique. Nobody should notice that the tan is a spray solution, and this is why R. became such an artist in spray tanning and wanted to share her expertise during her free time. It her way to spread the word about the sun damages on everybody’s skin.